Opinion: why doctors in the US do not like to treat Russian immigrants

Everyone knows that in America, medicine is expensive, especially if you do not think about insurance on time. By the way, Russians often make this mistake. But even when Russian people go to the doctor-American, to have the hair stand on end from what he hears from “our” patient, writes the author of the channel “an American about Russia” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Мнение: почему врачи в США не любят лечить русских иммигрантов

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What’s wrong with Russian patients?

First, go to the last moment

Americans are often not prepared to take sick leave, but will always be written to the doctor if something is really bothering.

What makes Russian?

“Stomach hurts? Host”, “a headache? Happen.” To the doctor is when the pain to endure is unbearable. And immediately asked: “Doctor, help me”. This American doctor may want to twist a finger at a temple: a pier, itself is guilty.

Secondly, are treated by questionable means

At least in the US quite a lot of worshipers, but the American is unlikely to pose yourself treatment some herbs if they are not prescribed by your doctor. Normal pills like aspirin — it’s easy. But, as the Russian people, to put some vodka or drinking a strange broth without physician no. And the doctor is clearly not happy with Russian medicine.

Мнение: почему врачи в США не любят лечить русских иммигрантов

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By the way, in Russian new York neighborhood Brighton beach, a lot of pharmacies with the tools of alternative medicine, such accumulation is not anywhere else in America.

Third, the fear of antibiotics

In the minds of American doctors stuck the view that Russians are afraid to be treated with antibiotics and avoided taking “malignant” drugs. For Americans it is generally a wild, usual for him to come to the doctor and get a bag of pills, including antibiotics. To take them it will be as long as the doctor says.

These are the main reasons why an American doctor can look at “our” patient like crazy.

I agree with their opinion?

The original column published in the blog “American about Russia” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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