Opinions of experts on the dollar in may divided

Opinions of experts on the dollar in may, have split. Some believe that it can reach 28-29 hryvnia, and there are certain reasons, while others noted that the removal of quarantine and returning to normal life in the United States dollar will not affect.

Мнения экспертов относительно курса доллара в мае разделились

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“It is expected that in may the national currency will continue creeping devaluation of the ruble to 28 hryvnia for a dollar. However, the support of a stable dollar exchange rate in Ukraine provides the immigration of workers and high prices in the global economy of wheat that increases the value of agricultural exports and ensures the supply of currency in the interbank market”, — said the expert of the European Analytical centre Vadim Bardas.

He also added that in may we can expect the creeping devaluation, because of the growth of trade in the interbank market is gradually slowing. According to experts, support to national currency is low, the price of oil, causing imports to Ukraine will be reduced, because it is a third of the energy imports.

The expert stressed that the global economic crisis will reduce the flow of exports and increase Ukraine’s dependence on debt capital, the dollar in the medium term will range from 29 to 30 hryvnia.

Positively on the rate of the national currency will lead to the signing of the law on the land market and the lifting of quarantine restrictions for national business.

Opposite view of the impact of the law on land market on the hryvnia exchange rate announced candidate of economic Sciences Alexander Khmelevsky. He noted that the dollar in may will be in the range 27-28 USD. The national currency is under pressure of the global crisis.

“Out of quarantine and increased economic activity could lead to further devaluation of the hryvnia. The signing of the law on the land market no impact on the hryvnia will not” — said the expert.