Opposition Senator Jeanine Agnes took over the duties of President of Bolivia (PHOTO)

Оппозиционный сенатор Жанин Аньес взяла на себя обязанности президента Боливии (ФОТО)

The second Deputy speaker of the Senate, Janine Agnes was named interim President of Bolivia, after the former head of state, Evo Morales, resigned. She stated during a speech in the Bolivian Parliament. It has been broadcast in YouTube Senate. “I immediately assume the duties of the President in accordance with the Constitution,” said Agnes.

The transition of authority to it approved of the constitutional court of Bolivia. As noted in the statement, because the need for the transfer of power in the Republic was caused by the absence of the President, for this procedure “does not need neither the law nor the decision of the Parliament”.

As notes the edition Los Tiempos, article 169 of the Constitution, referred to by Agnes, in announcing its decision, allows the Vice President to take the place of the head of state in his absence, and if not, then the position goes to the President of the Senate. “In the latter case, new elections will be held for a maximum of 90 days”, – reports the edition.

Morales fled to Mexico, called the decision “the most insidious and terrible blow in the history”. “The Senator from the right, called himself the leader of the Senate, and then acting President of Bolivia without a legal quorum, surrounded by a group of accomplices, and also supported the armed forces and the police who suppress the people,” wrote Morales on Twitter.

From other States as acting President Agnes acknowledged Brazil. According to the Minister of foreign Affairs Ernesto araújo, she took the vacant place of the head of the Senate, and, in accordance with the Constitution, therefore, takes the presidency” (quoted by portal O Tempo).

The opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido, self-proclaimed in January the head of the Bolivarian Republic, announced the recognition of the Agnes interim President of Bolivia. In turn, the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged the Bolivian army to “restore constitutional order”. “Your only commander is Evo Morales Ayma,” said Maduro on Twitter .

The United States also recognize Agnes acting President of Bolivia and look forward to working with her. This was stated in Twitter’s acting assistant Secretary for Western hemisphere Affairs Michael Kozak. “We look forward to working with her and the other civil authorities of Bolivia at the time, as they organize free and fair elections as soon as possible in accordance with the Constitution” – wrote the diplomat.

In Bolivia, the October 20 presidential elections were held. According to the Supreme electoral Tribunal, the victory was won by Evo Morales. His main rival Carlos Mesa stated that he did not recognize the victory of the opponent in the first round. After the announcement of the voting results, the supporters of Mesa organized a protest.

On 10 November, Morales said he is leaving the post of President, describing the situation as a coup. His example was followed by Vice-President álvaro garcía Liner, as well as several Ministers and several parliamentarians. The speaker of the Senate of Bolivia, adriana Salvatierra, which, under the Constitution, had to move the power in the country, has also resigned. “We want this conflict to end… I announce my resignation, in the same way, as did the Evo and Alvaro,” said she.

On Tuesday, Morales arrived in Mexico, which authorities on 11 November decided to grant him political asylum on humanitarian grounds. “It hurts to leave the country for political reasons (…). I’ll be back soon with new strength and energy,” he wrote.