Opposition supporters in Bolivia has laid siege to the offices of the national TV and radio (PHOTO)

Сторонники оппозиции в Боливии взяли в осаду офисы национального ТВ и радио (ФОТО)

In the night of Sunday the crowd of protesters laid siege to the Central offices of the national state-run Radio Patria Nueva and the nationwide state TV channel Bolivia TV in La Paz, reports “Interfax”. These media were forced to stop all news coverage and broadcasts only music and movies.

It is reported that a similar situation exists in television and radio Mega, which belongs to Saulo Aguilar, the head of administration of the city of Oruro is the capital of the eponymous Department.

In addition, in Oruro a group of aggressive men burned the house of the Governor of the Department Victor Vazquez, and also looted and set fire to the house of the sister of the President Esther Morales.

Against the background of difficult socio-political situation the opposition – the leader of the “Civil society” Carlos the Mass released after the presidential elections of October 20 for second place, and the head of the movement “Bolivia says no” Oscar Ortiz refused any negotiations with Morales.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bolivia called the attack of the opposition in the offices of the broadcasting companies is another evidence of the oppression of human rights and violations of the principle of freedom of the press.

“Violent speech are contrary to the call of President Evo Morales, who proposed to start political dialogue in order to return the country to the world, to defend democracy, the rule of law and, above all, the unity and life of the Bolivians”, – stated in the document.

According to the Supreme electoral court (election Commission) of Bolivia, Morales in the presidential elections of 20 October received of 47.07%, and Mesa of 36.51% of the vote. A gap of more than 10 percentage points allowed to declare Morales the winner in the first round. Mesa and his supporters claim fraud and demand a second round, without taking the results of the first.

On the night of October 22, in Bolivia, riots broke out in which participants accused the authorities of fraud in the presidential elections.

In the Organization of American States and the EU believe that the best outcome for the conduct of the situation in Bolivia to normal would be a second round of elections.