Optimize the use of your weapons

Optimize the use of your weapons


The use of a rifle or a shotgun must be done according to the rules. We have to make sure that everything is in order and safe before firing.

I asked experienced gunsmith Michel Martel recently – who moved to 1950 Grande Côte, in Sainte-Geneviève-de-Berthier – please draw up a list of recommendations to follow before picking up its caliber and during handling. Here is the gist of what he said:

1- Complete visual inspection of firearms to detect all potential breakages.

2-Thorough complete cleaning of the weapon, and this, every hunting season.

3- Checking the removable chokes to make sure they are tight and do not are not seized in the rust.

4- Inventory of ammunition and identification of the dates of purchase so as not to use old ammunition that is more than 10 years old.

5- Verification of telescope mount screws.

6- Verification of trigger guard attachment screws.

7-Lubrication of the removable chokes before and after each hunting trip.

8- Checking the carrying cases to avoid the risk of humidity and to leave a caliber in them too long.

9- Take note of problems that have arisen during the hunting season before making an appointment with a gunsmith, so that you do not forget anything and do not neglect anything.

10-When you return from hunting, be sure to thoroughly dry and lubricate your firearm.

11- Use only quality lubricant designed for firearms.

12-Checking the strap attachments as well as the strap itself.

13- Before storing of your weapon, release the detonation springs using a dummy or a release ball associated with the caliber of your weapon.

14- Check that your barrel is not obstructed .

15- Invest in a firearms rack in the form of a rack to avoid any risk of falling.

16- Store your weapons in a place safe and humidity controlled.

17- Have your guns repaired, maintained and adjusted several months before the hunt.

18- After your hunting trip, always remove the ammunition from your magazines.

19- Check the external condition of the ammunition. If you detect verdigris or scratches, do not use them.

20- Have regular shooting sessions. You will quickly become familiar with your firearm and you will feel more confident.

21- When purchasing your firearm, make sure of after-sales service, warranties and the availability of spare parts. 

22- Invest in a quality scope and firearm suitable for the type of hunting you want to do.

23- Respect hunting territories as well as other enthusiasts who are nearby.

24- Respect hunting quotas in order to preserve the resource. 

25- After your hunting parties, pick up your empty casings and leave your environment clean. 

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