Oregon authorities ordered residents to wear masks, saying that the rule ‘for whites only’

Authorities in Lincoln County, Oregon, freed all nevelkoi people from a new rule requiring that protective masks were worn in public — it was done to prevent racial profiling, writes the New York Post.

Власти Орегона обязали жителей носить маски, подчеркнув, что это правило 'только для белых'

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Health officials announced that residents should wear protective masks in public places where they can be within 6 feet (about 2 meters) of another person that does not belong to the same family.

But people of other races and skin colours do not need to follow the new rule if they have “heightened concern about racial profiling and harassment” of wearing masks, officials said.

“Nobody should threaten or persecute people who do not follow the rules,” said public health officials.

Since the requirement of wearing masks is becoming more common, activists are expressing concern that the Directive may endanger non-white people.

“For many black people the decision about whether to wear a bandana in public in order to protect themselves and others from infection by the coronavirus, is a situation of loss, which in any case can lead to life-threatening consequences,” said renika Moore, Director of the racial justice program of the ACLU.

Trevon Logan, a colored man, said that the orders to wear masks for the face, “basically telling people that they should look dangerous, given existing racial stereotypes.”

“In a wider context, this black men matching the description of the suspect, wearing a hood and a veil,’ said Logan, a Professor of Economics at the Ohio state University. — It looks exactly like any criminal, the outline of any black suspect”.


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