Orthogone: shine abroad from Quebec

Orthogone: radiating abroad from Quebec


Orthogone Technologies is a well-kept secret of the technology industry in Quebec. Despite this discretion, the company, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, has been very successful in making a name for itself with a national clientele. and international.

“It's true that we haven't made too much noise until now, too busy developing products for our customers”, explains Luc Leblanc, President and CEO of the company he co-founded in 2007.

Orthogone, which serves Quebec companies, but also large Fortune 500 organizations, specializes in the development of highly specialized software for various sectors, including automotive, health, telecommunications and data centers.

“We design very complex technological solutions that do not exist on the market. Rather than specializing in one sector, we chose to be vertical generalists,” says Luc Leblanc.

Innovative products

Among Orthogone's achievements is a digital detector for mammography that incorporates high-performance image processing algorithms. 

Its engineers have also developed a bionic ear intended to improve the efficiency communication in noisy environments. 

They also designed 3D LiDAR, a solid-state sensor with a 180 degree field of view for autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance applications from LeddarTech, a Quebec-based company.

< p>The company relies on a solid team of engineers in software development and electronics. 

” They are champions who thrive on challenges,” explains Luc Leblanc, who, despite the scarcity of talent in the technology sector, manages to attract them and, above all, retain them. What is his recipe?

“Strong people attract strong people. There is also that engineers of this caliber quickly get bored always working on the same project. At Orthogone, we have about forty projects in development each year, so they have the opportunity to participate in the design of different products,” explains Luc Leblanc, who can boast that five out of six candidates accept his job offer after the interview.

Goal: growth

Right from the start, Orthogone succeeded in attracting a clientele that has become loyal – its first client is still there after 15 years.

“About 30 % of our turnover comes from international , without having any presence abroad. Everything is done from Montreal,” says Luc Leblanc.

Year after year, Orthogone records growth that varies between 15% and 30%. Luc Leblanc aims to accelerate this growth thanks in particular to a recent investment by Desjardins Capital. A partner of the company for three years, the latter has taken a position as a minority shareholder in the company.

“We want to pursue international development. Our target is the American market. Our growth will also go through the development of our portfolio of ultra-low latency solutions [for faster and more efficient communications],” he says.

“We want to offer our customers the most complete solutions possible. To do this, we want to develop new fields of expertise, particularly in artificial intelligence and cloud computing,” he adds. This new investment should make it possible to create around a hundred new positions, mainly in engineering, and to increase annual growth by at least 25% over a three-year horizon.

In short, the engineers of 'Orthogone won't be bored in the next few years! 


  • Foundation date: 2017
  • Activities: design of specialized software
  • Shareholders: Luc Leblanc , Alexandre Raymond, Desjardins Capital
  • Number of employees: 75

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