Osadchaya and Gorbunov gave a fun trip to Odessa

Bright couple Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov spends a lot of time together — not only at home but often at work, because they work on the same channel. Recently, the star wife was found live during the semifinals of Dancing with the stars 2019, where the media personality was replaced at the time of Tina Karol.

Осадчая и Горбунов устроили веселую поездку в Одессу

And now they went to work in Odessa, and their flight was canceled, so I had to go by car.

However, the couple was very upset and obviously had a fun time on the road. Gorbunov showed positive selfie with his wife from a car, while Kate captured in a funny yellow hat and without a gram of makeup on her face.

Осадчая и Горбунов устроили веселую поездку в Одессу

Yuri then shared a selfie from the gas station where he and Kate have feasted on hot dogs. They look piercingly into the lens.

“Savor hot dogs in road safety!!” commented frame leading.

Осадчая и Горбунов устроили веселую поездку в Одессу

The caused active reaction from subscribers showman, with some surprised that they eat similar foods.

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