Osadchaya and Gorbunov walked through the “city of lovers”

Katya Osadchaya and Yuriy Gorbunov — one of the brightest and most adorable star couples of Ukrainian show-business. The couple spend much time together as possible trying to get out on a trip or on holiday to the sea and raising a two year old son. By the way, baby Ivan is already beginning to hit their musical talents! It seems that the pair failed again to carve out some free time and went to Paris.

Осадчая и Горбунов прогулялись по «городу влюбленных»

On his page in Instagram Gorbunov shared cute romantic photos with his beloved wife. They gently snuggled up to each other and posing on the roof of the building with magnificent views of the Paris Opera. Note that she decided to do without makeup, and her hair gathered in a ponytail.

“Paris,” simply signed frame anchor, not becoming to reveal any more details.

In turn Osadcha shared a selfie with her husband in the stories section of your account. Apparently, they posed on the balcony.

Осадчая и Горбунов прогулялись по «городу влюбленных»

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