Osadchaya and Gorbunov won the tender against each other

Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov together at home and at work. A couple tries to find a balance between personal life and career and holds together the active leisure. Leading travel a lot and want to attach to the travel of the younger son Ivan. And while they enjoy romance during a vacation in Europe. For example, the weekend Yuri and Katya spent in Vienna and were happy to share photos from the trip to Instagram. On Sunday, the pair flew to Kiev, because the work was Yuri took the place of the host of the show dancing with the stars 2019, and Katia was soprovojdali husband. Gentle joint picture she shared on her page.

Осадчая и Горбунов покорили нежным отношением друг к другу

The media personality has embraced her lover’s neck. She appeared as the Queen – Katie hair was slightly curled and styled into a voluminous hairstyle, the head adorned crown. Makeup lipstick berry bright shades and painted black eyes looked very effectively. Yuri happily smiled directly into the lens.

“Prichal to cholovika on the robot. Swfsc life, soon…” — said the presenter.

Commentators were moved by the image of lovers and happy leading. In the party remained even Olya Polyakova. “Beautiful!” — left it a compliment pair.

  • You are super!
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  • Garnier pair
  • Beautiful and at the same time neordinarnaya pair
  • Well, just odne cle. Prime pogledati
  • Mysterious met
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  • Catherine, how lucky you are with Yurchik, VI a beautiful couple — take care of it