Other pavlasek Karpaty can should to the court through the transfer of 50% of the rights to the club Smalyukh, – ZMI

Другий співвласник "Карпат" може звернутися до суду через передачу 50% прав на клуб Смалійчуку, - ЗМІ

FC Karpaty Lviv

Predstavnici other spavaonica Karpaty uvajaut scho transfer 50 percent of the rights to luvshy club from view from the past of vlasnika Peter Dimenticavo Olegov Smalyukh she took yuridichno not showsm correctly, powders journalist Igor Tsiganyk have their program “Ciganik LIVE”.

For umovami contract mizh pochetnym President of the “green-bleh” Dimnsion I spavaonica others, the right of vykupit right to “Karpaty” paradym MAV other investor. Yakscho yomu Bulo zrobleno not a proposition about vicepa right, VIN Mauger should to the court.

Naadam scho zasnovnika Karpaty , DV Conan: “Krzan Holdings” LTD I “Mend Limted”.

The last donedavna have nelegala Dimenticato. Now I share rewritten in kolesnogo thepresident club of Smalyukh.

The company “Krin Holdings” LTD formally recorded on gromadyanska Kpro Kate PARP. Real knave benefcial compan Newcome, nonetheless neoflo speaking about bladesmen Igorya Kolomoyskogo.

Nagado, Executive Director of UPL When Wild patogiu scho “Karpaty” not dogreat ninni season Favbet Play through problems W finansami.

Dadamo scho Karpaty vdovii have vidac of atestat neophane for participation in nastupnogo SEZON Favbet Play, sugauchi on NavNet Borg.

Luvshy the club is not SMG Shruti have two visnich matches of the championship against “Mariupol” (1 lipnya in the framework of the 24th round of the on July 5 in the framework of the 29th round).

Wherein cervista “green-bleh” Patterdale scho using finansov problems the club is not smoge dorati season, but wherein wyklucza option s bankrotstva. Levy toil Namir conception of nastupni season Perche Ls.