‘Our countries can put aside their differences’: trump and Putin made a rare joint statement

The US President Donald trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a joint statement on the 75th anniversary of the historic meeting of American and Soviet troops at the end of the Second world war on the Elbe river in Germany, marking the defeat of the Nazi regime. A statement published Saturday by the White house. Meeting on the Elbe honored and the head of the Department of defense mark Esper, writes “Voice of America”.

'Наши страны могут забыть о разногласиях': Трамп и Путин выступили с редким совместным заявлением

Memorial plaque “Spirit of Elbe” in Victory Park on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow. Photo: Shutterstock

Meeting on the Elbe — episode world war II, when the 25th of April 1945 near the town of Torgau on the Elbe river in Germany, the troops of the 1st Ukrainian front of the Soviet Union met with troops of the 1st U.S. army. In the result of the meeting of the allied forces remnants of the armed forces of the Nazi Reich was split into two parts — North and South.

“Spirit of the Elbe” is an example of how our countries can put aside their differences, to build trust and to work together for worthy goals. Today we are working to address the most important challenges of the XXI century, we pay tribute to the courage and bravery of all who fought together for the victory over fascism. Their heroic feat will never be forgotten,” the statement said.

As the newspaper notes The Wall Street Journal, the joint Declaration are rare and last occurred in 2010 from then President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.

The publication notes that the decision on the joint statement trump and Putin became controversial because the state Department and the Department of defense have expressed skepticism about Russia’s intentions and pointed to its actions in Ukraine, Syria, its interference in the internal political processes in the United States.

Historical event commemorated and the head of the Department of defense mark Esper.

“Today marks the 75th anniversary meeting of the armies of the United States and the USSR on the Elbe river, an event which put an end to the aggression of the Nazis in Europe. We must always be vigilant to protect human rights, freedom and the rule of law. #WW2”, — said the head of the Pentagon’s Twitter.

The Embassy of Ukraine in Germany, commemorated the millions of Ukrainian soldiers who heroically sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Europe from Nazism. This is stated in the statement of the Ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Andrey Melnik, which he did in the social network Twitter.

“Eternal Memory of Ukrainian Heroes,” wrote Miller.

Miller also noted that the well-known historical photos associated with the Meeting on the Elbe, immortalized Ukrainian Alexander Silvashko and American William Robertson.

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