Out of the wilderness into a blooming garden: a Russian immigrant told the whole truth about Israel

Dmitry Shapiro 25 years ago I first went abroad. The first country he visited was Israel. In this state man is in love with at first sight and in the end, after 5 years, he and his family permanently moved to this awesome country. In his blog for AdMe.ru he described the emotions that encompass it daily in Israel.

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

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Hereinafter in the first person.

I am most proud of the fact that Israel has managed in a short period of time (71 years) to turn from a desert into a blooming garden. And at the same time here, literally every square inch is steeped in history — old Testament, gospel and contemporary.

Here an emotional eater

Those who have been in Israel, know that the favourite sport of the locals is to fill the stomach. Moreover, they eat only once a day: in the morning start and evening finish. Trading networks then just weight. As kosher and such, where they sell absolutely everything, including pork, and various Goodies from it.

Usually working people bought on Thursday evening because Friday is a short day, and on Saturday everything is closed. And the most-loaded, which even on Thursday evening, no time prefer to order online with delivery to the house.

The house needs to be a lift and around a lot of greenery

The lifts are even in homes where only 4 or 5 floors. There are, of course, buildings without Elevator, but it is an old building. At the entrance — a glazed door with a combination lock and a fairly spacious lobby with a mirror. Around the houses are often divided pretty gardens, to care for whom hiring a special person. Pay him from the Treasury of the house Committee, so the more affluent tenants, the worthy looks of their garden.

Apartments on the first floor, as a rule, no: this is a place for Parking cars of the residents. Central heating is not required: under the building there is a special room for cylinders, which changes the gas company. There is still room for trash, where there are bins for different types of waste plastic, old clothes, Newspapers, and electronic waste.

Children do not play in yards and parks

Yards near houses, where you could play as in our childhood, in Israel there. So parents with kids go to parks, of which there are many. Everywhere trees grow, and the result is a mass of shade, plus pull the sunshades. Everywhere installed drinking fountains, and under the feet on the pads — soft coating to the fall not to get hurt.

At the entrance is always the shield with the rules, which are not always met, but the municipality still sets them. For example, in parks you can’t walk the dogs, and slides and swings for children are supposed to start only after 4 years. It’s forbidden to make fire (to ignite the braziers). And yet there are not allowed to kick the ball — apparently, not to get into babies.

Hummus — the real king of Israeli cuisine

It is such a paste of boiled chickpeas mixed with sesame sauce and spices. To love and respect the hummus here are taught from an early age. He is part of Israeli culture, the most important component in any kitchen and a must-have product in every refrigerator.

The Jews, he replaces the oil with mayonnaise and used as a base in sandwiches. For lunch hummus serves as a base for meat or served as a main dish. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious and healthy product, rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.⠀

Local fast food is called “meurav Yerushalmi”

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

Photo: shapiro.dmitriy / instagram

If other countries love to chew on the run, Shawarma, hot dogs and burgers, in Israel definitely choose meurav Yerushalmi (“Jerusalem mix”). This dish is a deep fried chicken giblets with onions, spices and sauce, served in a tortilla-pita bread.

This dish is an original Israeli invention. Known even the place and time of its creation in 1967, on the eve of the six day war. A group of soldiers at a later time looking for a place to dine, but everything was closed. In one of the market restaurants good-natured owner felt sorry for the soldiers found in the fridge, chicken giblets and fried them with onions and spices on a hot plate.

Sellers in the Old town I love a bargain

They will even be offended if they will be deprived of this mandatory time, the Eastern marketing. Keep step by step instructions, will follow it — will buy for half the price from the original:

  • take a thing and twist in his hands, his whole appearance indicating that you liked it;
  • asking price, the seller calls something unreal;
  • doing troubled face, with the words “very expensive” to put the item back and pretending to go out;
  • the seller makes a gesture “wait, hang on” and asks how much you give;⠀
  • now you call your unreal the price, the seller grabs his head and begins to wail, so will not be cheap and only as a favor to drop $ 2-3.

I hope the principle is clear: it slowly drops, and you add, until not come to a consensus. Part friends: the seller cytanet from bargaining, and you buy at the normal price have a souvenir.

In the Western Wall put not only notes, but also cheques

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

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Letters to the Creator carry from around the world, but sometimes go shorter way: just give money. In the Western Wall often find checks for huge sums (though without confirmation). The message is sent, even to the Jerusalem main post office, where every day hundreds of letters with the address of “Jerusalem. The Wailing Wall. God.” The letters convey the chief Rabbi of the Wall, and he puts them in the crevices of the ancient stones.

My co-guide told simultaneously sad and funny story. Once a tourist from his group pulled out at the Wailing Wall thick stack of envelopes and began to search for the crevice deeper.

Is letters to God from my neighbors and relatives, he explained. — It is very important that they are quickly reached. By the way, who sends letters?

— Special mailing angels — smiling, said my friend.

On the way to the bus, the tourist asked the guide how often the angels produce the letters and shouldn’t do to each envelope, stick a postage stamp.

In Israel you can get confused with days of the week

“Our Jewish happiness we have 2 Monday” — so jokes Russian-speaking Israelis, which is difficult to get used to the fact that the week officially starts on Sunday.

And in Hebrew, from biblical times to the present day, no names of days of the week. We are all very simple: the day 1st, 2nd, 3rd… and so on to the 7th day — Sabbath (Shabbat). Therefore, if in the gospel writing: “On the 3rd day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee,” we are with you, knowing all the complications of the Jewish calendar, easily calculate the day of the wedding in this village Tuesday.

The locals love to dance

The culture of the country historically combines the traditions of Jews who came to Israel from all over the world. Therefore, these dances varied in its rhythm, music, costumes, movement and mood.

On Saturday evening, when it not very hot on the seashore pulls people to dance. On the waterfront there is a special dance floors and a DJ — all conditions in order to ignite until late in the evening. The toughest day dance.

532 dogs in Israel are the nickname of The

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

Photo: shapiro.dmitriy / instagram

After the Israeli singer Neta Barzilai won the “Eurovision-2018” with the song “Toy” (“Toy”), the Ministry of agriculture found that in Israel sharply increased the number of dogs with the nickname The.

You understand correctly: the treatment of dogs leads us to the Ministry of agriculture. They have all the statistics: what breed, nicknames, information about the owners. My handsome (photo) name is Sean. The city where I live, Rishon-Le-Zion — takes 2nd place in Israel number of dogs. And each of them has a chip on the collar. And the “dog” of the city is tel Aviv. There with Pets allowed and cafes, and large shopping centers to go.

The country has created all conditions for students

In our little Israel as much as 9 universities. One of them is in tel Aviv and occupies a vast territory on which are located the campus and academic buildings. Opposite the University, on the banks of the Yarkon river, broken magnificent Park “Ganey Yehoshua”, where students love to relax after school.

Yeshua is the name of one of the mayors of tel Aviv, and his name was Rabinovich. His efforts appeared this Park, “the lungs of the city”. For recreation, there is everything: you can run on trails, ride bike or electric car, sail a boat and even up in the sky in a balloon.

At graduation it is better to go out with earplugs

Otherwise you can just go deaf from the noise of football horns, goudelock and car alarms. And all sides will sound the word “mabrouk” is a greeting in Arabic.

School is over, the school-leaving certificate obtained, and the youth comes off at full speed: rides with their parents all over the city, sticking out of car Windows and makes a terrible noise. Honestly, for me this is unusual. We are in the time after the exams and prom wandered until morning, and just singing songs with a guitar.

On Purim, Jews eat “Haman’s ears”

This is a tasty triangular cookies filled with poppy, chocolate, date paste. Their name comes from the ancient name of the villain Haman, who slandered the Jews of Persia, trying to destroy them. But thanks to Queen Esther and her uncle Mordechai all ended well: the Jews survived, and Haman was executed just king Ahashverosh. Here’s a short biblical story of Purim.

Why these cookies are triangular in shape? They say that the way it recalls the three-cornered hat worn by Haman. And the name “ears” or “ears” often associated with the similar Russian word, signifying in the old days small pies with filling.

Israelis are often compared with cacti

There is a cactus — prickly pear Indian. It is found almost everywhere in Israel and brings delicious fruits. There is one little “but”: to get to the juicy pulp, they must be thoroughly cleaned from fine and harmful spines. When collecting these fruits on hands, wear thick gloves, otherwise a visit to the doctor is guaranteed.

These fruits in Hebrew is called “the sabres” or “Zabar”. Also called and natives of this country. Sabra — a Jew who was born here in the land of their ancestors, in contrast, arrived in the Land of Israel from another country. The name is slang, but it has taken root in the modern language very quickly. Sabra is not always intelligent, sometimes rough and spiny as the fruit of a cactus, but when you get to know him, you know that appearances are deceiving.

On the streets you can fall into the trap of scammers

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

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It happens that tourists encounter dishonest traders or outright thieves. Will list their main tricks.

  • A free souvenir. At first glance it looks pretty nice: you hand over the trinket and saying “Gift, gift”. Once you take it in hand, you immediately begin to ask for money. How to deal: not to take anything from the hands of strangers.
  • Being a good Samaritan. Comes up to you man, warns that pickpockets are operating nearby, and asks you to be careful. People often instinctively start to check if everything is in place, and thus prompt the crooks where the valuables. How to deal: politely thank you and move on.
  • Double menu. In any cafe in the Old town do not rely on a verbal promise: “the Cheap, I’ll give you a good price”. One of my friends for a bowl of hummus, fried potatoes and tortillas paid more than € 70. How to avoid: take menu.
  • Pseudocide / hairy. This is usually the local residents, who for 15-minute guided tour in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre can charge you almost € 100. How to deal: take a professional guide with license from the Ministry of tourism of Israel.

In the Old town there is an invisible monasteries

By everyone can go a week and not notice the door leading inside. Each of them on average 1-2 monk. These monasteries are tiny but functional. There is always a Church, in which from time to time conducted the worship, and the cells are usually dealt Arabs-Christians for housing.

Sometimes it’s funny: you go inside and there are children on bikes and ride, sliders on the clothesline to dry. But this place is officially listed and is a monastery.

The streets free to walk cats

The state of Israel emerged in 1948. The Jewish population then was about 500 thousand people, and exactly 3 years later increased to 1.5 million People just had no place to live huddled in makeshift tent camps, in abandoned British military bases, where were great numbers of rats and mice.

The inhabitants of these tent cities have agreed to feed the cats and try to care for them. Children who were 5-6 years old, remembered, acted as their parents. Today these people are already well over 70, but they still retain a tradition of feeding cats and dogs. Almost every home in every city of Israel living grandparents who have their own money to buy cat food and feed the yard animals.

In cities, woods and fields of eucalyptus

You say: “Eucalyptus is an Australian tree.” And you will be absolutely right. In Israel it was planted specifically because of the malaria that killed local residents in the late XIX — early XX century. The distributors of the disease were Anopheles mosquitoes that lived in the swamps. Therefore, eucalyptus trees first planted on the wetland.

Israeli roses can blossom from a drop of water

Из пустыни в цветущий сад: русскоязычный репатриант рассказал всю правду об Израиле

Photo: shapiro.dmitriy / instagram

The Queen of flowers is the namesake — the rose of Jericho. Famous this plant is not beauty, and its amazing resilience, thanks to which it got the name “flower Sunday”. In summer, its branches folded around ripe seeds and dry out, forming balls. Torn and blown by the wind, they can be stored for years, but immediately straightened when they are exposed to raindrops.

According to legend, the virgin Mary on their way to Egypt noticed this plant and bless him for eternal life. The amazing ability of plants to “resurrection” used on the feasts of Christmas and Easter. Dry twigs were placed in water and within hours received the likeness of a rose flower.

Bonus: a place where work is unique selfie

On the Golan heights in northeast Israel has Wheel spirits giant megaliths of basalt with a diameter of 158 m and age of about 5 thousand years. A sort of middle Eastern Stonehenge.

From the center of the building through the holes-the gaps in the circles 3 times a year, the day spring, summer and autumn solstice, you can observe fine tuned the ancient people of astronomical points.