Out the trailer for the film “Skujene wedding-2”

The network has published the official trailer of Ukrainian Comedy “wedding Scaune-2”.

Вышел трейлер фильма «Скажене весілля-2»

The video appeared on the YouTube channel of the film.

“We are fortunate to work with very talented writers, which are contrary to the established laws of cinema wrote for the sequel to a fantastic story. Therefore, the goal of the first trailer was to convey that crazy mood, show the possibility of a second part of the tape, however, did not disclose the main points of history,” commented the film’s producer and the performer of the role of Nazar Zapuhljak Yuri Gorbunov.

The slogan of the film was the phrase “What? Again?”.

The film ended in early October. The premiere of the Comedy scheduled for December 25, 2019.