Outage at Rogers complicates purchases across the country

Rogers outage complicates purchases nationwide


A major Rogers network outage resulted in the inability to make debit transactions all day yesterday across the country, causing headaches for consumers and merchants alike.

“I checked our internet connection and all our payment systems, before finally realizing after an hour that the problem was not ours,” says Ji Yu Wang, cashier at a Montreal fruit store.

Ji Yu Wang, a cashier at a fruit store, quickly realized that the problem was not with the store.

Like many customer service employees, he then spent his day explaining to confused customers that only credit or cash purchases were possible due to the outage of the Canadian telecommunications company.


“The world was so mixed up today,” corroborates with a sigh the money changer at the Parc metro station in Montreal, where about half of travelers are used to paying by debit.

Several workers evoke badly taken customers who only had a debit card, and no cash on them.

About $1000 in losses

“This morning was chaotic. We had to serve a lot of people for free because the line was long and it was crying,” says Fatima, who works at Tim Hortons in the Central Market.

One of the many posters indicating the Rogers outage which crippled debit payment.

Branch manager, Inderpal Singh, estimates that he lost about $1,000 in sales due to the computer problem.

“We always want to give the best service, and there Rogers stopped us” , he said sorry.

Posted at the entrance of a Costco on the island, Victor— Morales was responsible for informing customers to avoid a bad surprise .

By the end of the day, the employee of the multinational had stopped counting the number of those who had turned away without being able to make their purchases.

A lot of questions

The outage in question began around 2 a.m. yesterday. 

In the late evening, Rogers reported that its wireless services were back in operation and that its technical teams “were working hard to get everyone back online as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, all kinds of services had been crippled (see opposite), from the cellular network of Rogers' 11.2 million customers to the entry forms for ArriveCan. 

All kinds of services affected

A long day without internet

More than 11 million Canadians who subscribe to Rogers wireless services and 2.6 million who have it as their internet provider lost communications yesterday. Note that Rogers also owns Fido and Chatr.

Another problem to return to the country

Another obstacle for travellers: they may have difficulty filling out the form to enter the country via the ArriveCAN application. Instead, the Government of Canada suggested that they print out a form and have a hard copy of proof of vaccination.

No Communauto

It was impossible to reserve a Flex car or take possession of a vehicle directly on the Communauto car-sharing service application yesterday.

Emergency at 911 in Ottawa and Toronto

Police services reported communication issues with emergency calls due to the outage. “From the moment calls are made to 911, operations are 100% efficient,” said Montreal Police Service public relations officer Mariane Allaire Morin.

The 311 service too

The telephone line to communicate with the City of Montreal was out of service. Montrealers were asked to use a form on the website in the meantime.

The Weeknd postponed

The singer The Weeknd was scheduled to perform last night at Rogers Center in Toronto…until technical issues related to the outage prevented the concert from being held, which will be postponed.