Ovarian cyst: causes, symptoms and diagnosis

As a rule, the cyst develops completely unnoticed until, until you reach impressive sizes or will not start complications.

Киста яичника: причины, первые симптомы и диагностика

An ovarian cyst is benign neoplasm, which consists of a liquid filled bubble. The cyst may be one, or may be multiple cysts, then we are talking about polycystic – disease, of impending infertility.

Reasons that may develop a cyst, a lot. This infection of the pelvic organs, surgeries and other traumatic interventions in this area, failures of the hormonal system, pathology of ovarian and others.

Most often the cyst does not manifest itself. Moreover, a woman may not even know that it was a cyst – they can disappear themselves within a few months. Typically, the symptoms appear if the cyst grew to a large size or complications. It is believed that the cyst may degenerate into a cancer, but recent studies show that most often it is due to the fact that was initially misdiagnosed and cases of degeneration of originally benign cyst is actually very little.

One of the most dangerous complications of ovarian cysts is rupture. It threatens not only the loss of the ovary, but also life threatening. Therefore, when acute pain in the abdomen or lower back, with associated weakness, pallor and abdominal enlargement, you need to call an ambulance. Especially if you have diagnosed a cyst.

As for the symptoms when the ovarian cyst can be recurrent pain and tingling in the lower abdomen and lower back, especially after exercise. Can be a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, regardless of the meal and a small tummy. Also note the patient’s menstrual cycle, pain during sex strange discharge.

To diagnose ovarian cysts need to undergo a series of examinations. Ultrasound and MRI may not be sufficiently informative, so patients with suspected cyst and planning pregnancy often recommend a laparoscopy. During this procedure, using small incisions, doctors can assess the condition of the pelvic organs, and, if necessary, for the removal of the cyst.