Over the banks of the river don, staged flooding in England (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Вышедшая из берегов река Дон устроила наводнение в Англии (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

Anomalous precipitation fell on the Northern half of England. In some parts of the day had the monthly norm of precipitation, and in the area of the Peak district recorded 112 mm of rain, which was a new English record.

The result was flooded many localities. Authorities appealed to the public with warnings about threatening the lives of people in floods. Rescuers evacuated dozens of people trapped in an aqueous trap, TV channel Sky News.

The most affected city in the region Yorkshire and the Humber. Here came from the banks of the river don. In Rotherham firefighters had boats to rescue people who got cut off from the land in the shopping centre Parkgate, reports BBC News.

Announced the evacuation of residents of several villages near Doncaster due to the catastrophic floods. In the heart of Doncaster pumped water from flooded streets.

In Yorkshire the stopped train. There are problems on the highways. Many major highways are closed, in particular, between Derby and Sheffield. In the affected areas closed dozens of schools. People are advised to stay away from crowded rivers.