Over the lake in Idaho two aircraft collided, killing children and adults

It is believed that eight people died after collision of two aircraft over lake Coeur d’alene in Idaho, writes CNN.

Над озером в Айдахо столкнулись два самолета: погибли дети и взрослые

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It is believed that eight people died after two planes collided above lake Coeur d’alene in Idaho, and then sank, said Lieutenant Ryan Higgins from the County Sheriff’s office Kootenai.

According to Higgins, on Sunday, July 5, at about 14:20, the police received a call that two planes collided over the lake. On aircraft before they sank, were found two bodies.

Higgins said that the other six people are still missing, but considered dead. Among them, adults and children, but the Lieutenant did not disclose.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the collision or how many casualties were on each plane.

According to Higgins, the aircraft was discovered by a group of sonars at a depth of 127 feet (38.7 per meters) and they will not be raised until Monday or Tuesday (6th or 7th July).

One of the planes involved in the collision were aboard a Cessna 206, CNN reported the official representative of the Federal aviation administration’s Ian Gregor.

Investigators still do not know the make and model of the second aircraft.

According to Gregor, Federal aviation administration USA and the national Council for transport safety is investigating the collision.

Higgins said there were several witnesses who either saw or heard the collision, or witnessed its effects, as many people boating on the lake on a holiday weekend.


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