Over the weekend at the United States, a wave of executions: dozens of victims

Last weekend (11-12 Jan) in the US has been a series of executions. The public is concerned about the outbreak of violence, and the police are doing to investigate and prevent further executions.

За выходные по США прокатилась волна расстрелов: десятки жертв

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Shooting in Baltimore (MD)

On Saturday and Sunday, 11 and 12 January, in Baltimore (MD) occurred 8 shooting, 7 people were injured and 5 killed, writes USA Today.

The first shooting occurred at about 02:30 on Saturday, 11 January, attended by three women, all of them were discovered with apparent gunshot wounds in a car in the North-Eastern part of the city. One victim, 28-year-old woman died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Within hours, police in Southeast Baltimore found 46-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the leg. Then the second participant in the shooting, 40-year-old man came to the hospital also with a gunshot wound to the leg.

Shortly after 14:30 on 11 January the police found the mortally wounded man in the South-East of Baltimore. Less than half an hour later, in downtown Baltimore shooting occurred, which resulted in the 37-year-old man was wounded.

Police also found 38-year-old man with a gunshot wound at about 19:00 in the North-Eastern part of the city.

About an hour later in a shooting in southwest Baltimore, one person was injured and another died. Another shooting in northeast Baltimore led to the fatal shooting of 37-year-old man.

The series Saturday’s shooting ended just before 23:00, when the officers found the mortally wounded 24-year-old man in Northwest Baltimore.

In 2019, the city had recorded 348 kills, this is the fifth consecutive year with more than 300 murders and the most violent year.

President of the city Council Brandon Scott, a Democrat running for mayor, January 12, issued a statement condemning the violence.

“The day that should have been greeted with pride again was overrun by violence and loss, said Scott. Is heartbreaking the violence must stop”.

Shooting in Aurora (Colorado)

11 January, five people were injured in a residential complex in Aurora (co) police are still looking for the shooter, says USA Today.

In a statement, police said that three of the five injured was a minor at the age of 16, and two of them were girls. Both adults were male.

“All the wounded were taken to hospital and are undergoing treatment, — is spoken in the message of the police. Only five victims, all in critical condition, but should survive.”

Interim police chief Vanessa Wilson said that officers responding to a 911 call, arrived within 90 seconds. She called the investigation “a top priority” for his Department.

“All our resources are working around the clock, now we conduct interviews and collect evidence,” she said.

Neighbors said that they heard an argument, shooting and screaming. 31-year-old Ashley Allen said that he heard two gunshots and then the man shouted: “I shot him in the arm.” The other man screamed, “I’m wounded,” she said.

Chaos woke her one year old son.

“I never heard the sound of a gunshot, she said. — It scares me. I didn’t know whether they shot into the air. We are very scared.”

Wilson said that he understands that the shooting could “upset” residents of the area, and promised to increase police patrols. The police reported that, apparently, the shooting occurred in the venue of the party in the apartment complex. The motives of the attack are not clear.

The suspect is described as African American unknown age in the yellow hoodie.

Shooting in Dallas (TX)

January 11, one member of the audience opened fire on a basketball game in high school in Dallas (TX). Unknown shooter on the run, writes ABC News.

As a result of shooting 18-year-old schoolgirl was in critical condition, was also wounded a policeman.

At least four shots sounded in the third quarter of the game between secondary schools South oak cliff and Kimball, the players and coaches were seeking shelter, and the audience rushed to the exits.

18-year-old victim, allegedly a former student at South oak cliff, was shot in the chest by a bullet and taken to hospital where he is in serious condition.

A spokeswoman for the Dallas police was injured when she tried to resist an armed man, said at a press conference by the press Secretary of the Dallas police Department Robin Harris.

“She put herself in danger to protect others,” said Harris about the officer, whose name was not disclosed.

The shooting started at 21:10, according to Harris, the shooting followed a quarrel in the stands.

The police ask that the witnesses appeared and helped the investigators to identify a suspect or suspects.

“We really need the community’s support in solving this problem. Because, again, senseless violence has to stop,” said Harris.

Police have released pictures of three young men, described as “the people” whom the police want to interrogate.

According to Harris, the shooting began a few hours after the representatives of the high school South oak cliff held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the two-year renovation at the school, costing $ 52 million. She said that a basketball game was to complete the celebration.

“The fact that it all ended so heartbreaking,” said Harris.

In 2019 in Dallas have been 210 murders, and January 5, 2020 year-old child killed Rory Norman, gunner crept up to the window of your child’s bedroom and opened fire with a rifle. The police considers the case of intentional murder. The murderer is not yet arrested.