Over the weekend two illegals have committed suicide in the detention centers in the United States

Two illegal immigrants died while in custody over the past weekend (December 21-22), and authorities claim that both cases were probably suicides. About it writes The Washington Times.

За выходные два нелегала совершили самоубийства в центрах содержания под стражей в США

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One Mexican died on Saturday, the day after he was arrested by officers at the border crossing, trying to prove he is a U.S. citizen. He kept the border-the customs service for making decisions about deportation and possible criminal charges.

“According to initial reports, the cause of death is suicide,” — said the Agency.

Nigerian man held by immigration and customs police United States in the detention center Worcester County in snow hill, Maryland, was found dead in his cell on Saturday, December 21, morning. Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) said that apparently he died of “strangulation, self-inflicted”.

A few hours after the announcements of the deaths of the oversight Committee and the reform of the house of representatives announced the beginning of the investigation of the conditions of detention in institutions of the Department of homeland security.

The house of representatives member Carolyn B. Maloney, Democrat from new York and Chairman of the Committee, said this reflected the “violence and ill-treatment of immigrants in detention centres”.

She said the focus of the investigation will be the death of 16-year-old immigrant who was in custody and died in may 2019 from the flu. The Committee reported that he was kept in a cell without medical attention, despite signs of the disease.

One of the dead illegal immigrants were 56-year-old Anthony Oluseyi Akinyemi, who came to the United States on legal temporary visa, but was arrested in June on charges of cruelty to children and sexual abuse of minors

ICE said that he violated the terms of their visas and will be deported from the country. Soon he was found dead in his cell.

“ICE cares about the health and well being of all under its care persons and conducts a comprehensive analysis of the incident across the agencies, as in all such cases”, — reads the statement of service.

“Statistics on deaths in detention ICE are extremely rare and constitute only a part of the average for the country for the detainee population of the United States,” — said the Agency.

While ICE called the name of the person who died, border-customs (CBP) is not called Mexican migrant and published only meager details of his death.

Like CBP, which deals with border issues, and ICE, which controls immigration in the country and carries out deportation, has faced problems in recent years, when the prisoners began to die.

For CBP is normally the issue of medical problems. According to officials, many of the detained immigrants arrived in the U.S. with serious illnesses and died shortly after the arrests.

Meanwhile, ICE has been criticized for its existing places of detention. The majority of prisoners confined in state, local, or private prisons.

In reports published in 2018, the inspector General of the national security Service reported that sheets with loops, was discovered during a sudden inspection at the ICE facility in Adelanto, California.

In the course of this audit revealed that the institution violated the security standards of ICE, but, apparently, the Agency does not take seriously “recurring problem”. According to the inspector General in March 2017 32-year-old inmate at this facility in Adelanto hanged himself on the sheet, and in the following months, investigators confirmed reports, at least three other assassination attempts.

One detainee told investigators: “I saw several suicide attempts with the use of sheets as soon as they returned from treatment, the guards just laughed at them and called them “unfortunate suicide.”