Overwhelmed emergencies: three solutions for being treated elsewhere

Overwhelmed emergencies: three solutions to be treated elsewhere


Three solutions will be put in place quickly to provide replacement solutions for completely overwhelmed emergency rooms in Greater Montreal, the Minister of Health promised on Tuesday.

“The situation required more and more very short-term actions”, declared the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, at a press conference.

“We have the capacity to do it, and I want to make sure that we are going to do these things and that we are going to stop the bureaucracy or the resistance of certain groups,” he said. added. 

Here are the three solutions proposed by the crisis unit, soon to be implemented to relieve emergency room congestion:


< p>1 Return of a “one call one service” telephone line (via 811) where Montreal parents can get an appointment with a doctor or health professional for an emergency for a child. 

The removal of the line in last April caused many parents to react, who saw it as a solution to avoid pediatric emergencies. 

More appointments should also be offered in GMF clinics. 

2Opening of two super nurse clinics (specialized practical nurses) in Montreal. The one in the east of the city should open “in the next few days”, and the second in a few weeks in the Center-South.


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3 Purchase of 1700 places in residences throughout Quebec (private, CHSLD, intermediate resources), to send elderly patients who occupy a hospital bed, but who no longer need to be there.&nbsp ;

Half of these places will be located in the metropolitan area. 58% of patients are expected to be transferred shortly, the minister promised. 

A “stay-at-home” approach must also be implemented, to send people home with support. However, the details of this measure have not been elaborated. 

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