Owners of older iPhone models are big problems: Apple made an important statement

Владельцев старых моделей iPhone ждут большие проблемы: Apple сделала важное заявление

Apple warned the owners of legacy iPhone and iPad models — iPhone 4 and 5 and also iPad mini with cellular connectivity, the iPad and iPad 2 — on the need to update the software of their gadgets to the latest iOS version. We will remind, the assistant people’s Deputy Nikolay Tishchenko bummed the new iPhone 11, to which updates are required.

Otherwise, they will have limitations — for example, these users will not be able to connect to the Internet.

According to CNN, we are talking about gadgets, manufactured up to 2012.

In Apple explain that devices built-in GPS modules require a reboot every 19 years. If they don’t update, it will fail and then you can have difficulties with access to the Internet.

Also crashing will affect the App Store, iCloud, and email.

To avoid problems, users of outdated gadgets, you must install the version 10.3.4 or 9.3.6.

To know your version in the Settings app.

Recall, September 10, Apple introduced their super cool new items, including iPhone 11.

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