Pamela Anderson has shared racy photos

The other day a 52-year-old Pamela Anderson has pleased fans with a new photo that many fans felt just great. For this “hot” photo of Amela posing in black transparent bodysuit, in front of the fireplace, reclining in the chair. “It is still good!” “Adore you, Pamela! You’re a true Queen…” — those were the comments left by fans under the Anderson. True, there were those who suspected the actress to use photoshop. They decided that her belly looks too flat and thighs slender implausible even for a very well-preserved women of her age.

Памела Андерсон поделилась пикантным фото

Anyway, Pamela, two years ago celebrated its 50th anniversary, still attracts much younger men. So, her last boyfriend soccer player Adil Rami is just 33 years old. However, the novel Pamela with Adil good as you can get. With Rami Pamela started Dating two years ago. For his sake she even dared to leave his beloved California and spent with him for most of the year in France.

However, in Europe it did not stick. Shortly after moving she started to complain that can not make there new friends, and old Adil it was isolated. Pamela had tried to get away from Rami because of his dictatorial manners, however, could not bear the separation and returned. And as it has appeared, absolutely in vain. Earlier this summer she found out that Adil is not just cheated on her and was leading a double life. In parallel with Pamela he had another family and child. Finding it, Anderson was furious. She burst into a long post on his page in the social Network, which called him a “real monster”. He lied not only to her but to another woman. Worse, Pamela suspected that Adil had other mistresses whom he cheated also…