Pamela Anderson invited Trudeau to transfer prisoners to a healthy diet (PHOTOS)

Памела Андерсон предложила Трюдо перевести заключенных на здоровое питание (ФОТО)

Actress Pamela Anderson has appealed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a request to remove the meat and milk from the jail menu to help the planet and health of Federal prisoners, and at the same time to save a little taxpayers ‘ money.

A letter to Trudeau, the former star of “Baywatch” made in the framework of its cooperation with the group of animal rights PETA. She wrote about his hope that Canada will adopt “simple, but effective way of reducing costs and improving lives.”

According to her, in Federal correctional institutions in Canada have to feed vegetarian meals from beans, rice, lentils, pasta, vegetables and fruits, which she believes is the source of all essential nutrients, “for a small part of the cost of meats and cheeses,” as most vegetarian foods can be stored without the use of refrigeration equipment.

The plan for this year, as stated by the correctional service of Canada, meals provided “sufficient in quality and quantity” and in accordance with Canada’s food guide.

Anderson said that the newly revised Handbook on nutrition pays less attention to the consumption of meat and dairy products, instead, offering Canadians a diet with lots of vegetable proteins.

In its letter also referred to the report of the climate group, the UN, calling for the transformation of diet that will help fight climate change – another issue that is causing a lively interest among the Actresses who supported their green leader Elizabeth may at the just-concluded Federal election.

Four years ago, Anderson has visited Arizona to feed vegetarian dishes approximately 8,000 inmates in Maricopa County jail along with Joe Arpayo, odious local Sheriff, who took such a decision. According to estimates of the Arpayo, this step will allow US to save $ 100,000 a year.

Anderson reported that the prison has reduced the cost of 273000 dollars when switched to vegetarian food, although this figure in different variations varies greatly.

She is confident that the savings can be even higher if we bear in mind nearly 40,000 prisoners in Canada – a number that includes prisoners in provincial prisons, beyond the Federal jurisdiction.

In may, statistics Canada reported that in the 2017-18 financial year in the provincial or territorial prisons were held on average 24657 adult prisoners, while the Federal share was $ 14129 people.