Pandemic could kill 150 million people

The researchers assessed the willingness of the world to a major crisis in health care came to a disappointing conclusion.

In 2018, the world health organization and the world Bank jointly convened a Council for monitoring of readiness, an independent group of experts, focuses on global emergency health

Пандемия может унести жизни 150 млн человек

Scientists came to the conclusion that “there is a real threat of a pandemic respiratory pathogen that will spread rapidly and be very deadly”. Under these conditions, die from 50 to 80 million people and the world economy will lose 5%.

“A global pandemic on this scale would be devastating, creating a General chaos, instability and uncertainty,” continued the authors. — The world is not prepared” — they say.

Experts believe that the world still has time to be on the right path. Outlined 7 specific actions world leaders can take to increase preparedness, including full implementation of the International health regulations, increasing investment in research and development of vaccines and establishment of a powerful national preparedness systems.

“It’s time to act,” urged the researchers.

Scientists have developed a plausible scenario of a pandemic caused by the influenza virus whose virulence and pathogenicity of the pathogen is reminiscent of SARS. Approximately 2 years after the start of the outbreak the victims of the disease will be 150 million people, and in the case of insufficient efforts to curb infection and development of hepatitis b vaccine 900 million.