Pandemic — not a problem: “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” received a record profit

For the first half of the current year PJSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” (UDP) received for 34.6 million UAH of profit, which is one of its major financial indicators in recent years.


Пандемия — не помеха: «Украинское Дунайское пароходство» получило рекордную прибыль

Such data was announced by the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Vladislav Crickley.

“Another infrastructure company, which during a pandemic, shows that the crisis is not only about loss but also about new possibilities — “Ukrainian Danube shipping company”. During these difficult first half of the year 2020, the company received a record profit of $ 34,6 million. For comparison, during the first half of last year, “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” earned 4 times less — UAH 8.4 million in 2018 — 0.5 million UAH, and in 2017 all turned out in the negative,” — said the head of the Ministry.

As noted in the Ministry of Infrastructure, the positive financial results the company received thanks to a number of external and internal factors, namely the favorable navigation conditions, optimization of business processes and a number of introduced anti-corruption measures.

PJSC “Ukrainian Danube shipping company” is one of the largest shipping companies in Ukraine and in the Danube region. The company produces 20% of transport output for 2,4 thousand km from the mouth of the Danube river to the port of Kelheim, Germany.

UDP offers sea and river fleet, and also has a good geographical location of the base ports of Reni, Izmail, Ust-Danube, creating a transport hub that provides external economic interests of Ukraine in the Danube countries and in the countries of Black and Mediterranean seas.

Currently, the Ukrainian Danube shipping company has the river fleet numbering 75 self-propelled vessels and 245 units of self-propelled fleet. The company also operates a fleet of foreign joint ventures, which has 125 pieces of self-propelled fleet.