Pandemic: the UN has estimated losses for global tourism

Пандемия: в ООН подсчитали убытки для мирового туризма

The tourism industry began to recover in connection with the opening of borders in some countries, primarily due to the Northern hemisphere. However, most countries maintain restrictions on international travel, which exacerbates the situation of one of the most affected by the pandemic sectors of the economy. In the period from January to April, the tourism sector has lost $195 billion by reducing trips by 44%, cited data from the world tourism organization (UNWTO).

In this regard, the UN appealed to the world governments to support the industry. At the same time, Director General of the UNWTO Zurab Pololikashvili noted that the resumption of tourism, which should become a priority for States, and you need to secure.

“We welcome the economic support of tourism and the creation of a framework for its restoration, undertaken both by the EU and individual countries, including France and Spain,” said Pololikashvili.

According to the UN, in March tours worldwide decreased by 55%, and in April, falling to 97%. Most of the quarantine affected the Asia-Pacific region, where the number of trips decreased by 51% in the period from January to April. The second line of the fall was taken by the with the average of -44%, and then the middle East (-40%) and the country of America, where tourism has fallen by 36%. The least affected Africa with the rate of decline 35%, according to UNWTO.

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At the end of 2020, the world tourism sector could be reduced from 58 to 78% – the level of decline will depend on the countries imposed restrictions. The UN also indicated that, based on the three scenarios, in monetary terms, the loss of the sector will reach $910 billion – $1.2 trillion, and the number of completed trips may be reduced by 850 million – 1.1 billion.

“Threatened 100-120 million jobs in the tourism sector”, – concluded in the UNWTO.