Papal visit to Saskatchewan: difficulty in finding participants

Papal visit to Saskatchewan: difficulty finding participants


The City of Quebec and its surroundings are not the only ones in full preparation for the arrival of Pope Francis, since the sovereign pontiff is also expected in Saskatchewan, but the Archdiocese of Regina seems to be having difficulty rallying the survivors of the First Nations in this visit.

The Archdiocese appealed to survivors several weeks ago to participate in the Pope's visit scheduled for July 24-26 in Edmonton.

A team has therefore been set up to draw up a list of possible indigenous participants, but the response has been far less than expected, Global News reported Thursday.

“We provisionally have three buses ready to go, which represents up to 150 people,” Archbishop Don Bolen told the media. “It doesn't look like we'll have that many survivors.”

There are several factors that he says explain the lack of enthusiasm for the project, especially as some have expressed disinterest in the event.< /p>

“I understand that there are tensions, differences of opinion, within First Nations communities about apologies, and it makes sense that there are,” argued Bishop Bolen. “So we are just trying to make an offer to those who would like to attend or be associated with the event.”

Other dioceses in the province and indigenous organizations have not yet announced the Arrangements made for the event, but the announcements should be made shortly, according to the Archbishop.

Recall that Pope Francis is also expected on July 28 at the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de -Beaupré, where 1400 places are reserved inside and 10,000 places available outside.