Paparazzi captured Cameron Diaz in the last stages of pregnancy

47-year-old Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz gave up her career more than 5 years ago. And recently, she explained that it was her conscious decision that she never regretted. Now the celebrity is expecting her first baby and as little as possible to appear in public.

Папарацци запечатлели Камерон Диаз на последних сроках беременности

The actress in an interview said he always loved his work, but to devote all his time to his family are no worse. She likes a private life, when no one knows where she is, what she is doing and with whom. Cameron became popular at the age of 22 and since then, time for myself and family she lacked. Celebrity calmly said that an actor’s experience with a duration of 25 years is a decent time, you now need to take a break, and perhaps even to end their activities.

The best event in his life, Cameron believes meeting I. subsequently, marriage to popular musician Benji Medina. The couple have been married for a very long period, and all this time they tried to have children, but did not succeed. It is for this reason they resorted to in vitro fertilization procedure. Now Cameron is in the final stages of pregnancy and trying to create maximum comfort in the house, before it appears baby. The actress always loved photography and my job, but being a housewife she is not a burden.

Unfortunately, fans are very concerned about a celebrity, they suggest that the actress is not talking to the reporters and she has some health problems. In the pictures, which managed to make the paparazzi, at a time when Cameron walked in new York, she looks very tired and aged. Fans used to seeing her beauty, like in the movies “Charlie’s Angels”, “Mask”, “Bad teacher”. The star denies it and says that age, of course, comes, but she has no fear, enjoys every moment of his life.

Who is waiting for a pair of, as yet unknown, and Cameron doesn’t want to hook it to disclosure. When the moment comes, she will definitely share this joyful event with their fans.