Paris has named the date for a new summit in the ‘Normandy format’ – December 9 (PHOTO)

В Париже назвали дату нового саммита в 'нормандском формате' - 9 декабря (ФОТО)

The summit “Norman format” with the participation of leaders of France, Russia, Germany and Ukraine scheduled for December 9 in Paris, told Bloomberg in the office of the President of France, reports “Interfax”.

“The summit will take place against the background of serious progress made since last summer on the negotiations aimed to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine”, – quotes Agency the extract from the statement.

The statement listed examples of successes to normalize the situation as “the withdrawal of troops from the frontline in several areas where there is tension.”

The Elysee Palace has officially confirmed the holding of a summit on 9 December in Paris, said on Friday the representative a press-services of administration of the President of France Emmanuel Makron.

“The summit in Normandy format will be held on Monday, 9 December 2019. He will gather in Paris of heads of state and governments of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine”, – said the press attache.\
He recalled that “the prospect of a summit was discussed during the meeting of the presidents of France and Russia on August 19th, Breganzona”. Then the question was considered at a meeting of the group of seven in Biarritz, he recalled.

Elysee Palace spokesman stressed that the summit will take place on the background achieved in the summer of this year, “significant progress in the negotiations, which, in particular, resulted in the disengagement in a number of areas of tension on the contact line”. “The summit will begin a new stage in the implementation of the Minsk agreements”, – consider in the administration of the Macron.

Later, the representative of the press service of the government of Germany has confirmed to “Interfax” the participation of the German Chancellor in negotiations. In the “channel four” to resolve the situation in the Donbas region includes Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany.

On November 9, the militia DND and Ukrainian military began breeding forces at the last pilot station on the line of contact in Donbas – Bogdanovka-Petrovsky. The process of withdrawal of forces is one of the conditions of the summit “channel four”.

The first meeting in the Normandy format held at a high level on 6 June 2014 in the Norman castle of Bénouville. Since then, the country has met at the Ministerial level, diplomatic advisers and their deputies. The last summit “channel four” took place in Berlin on 19 October 2016.