Parliament has allocated funds for the repayment of debts Yuzhmash

Рада выделила средства на погашение долгов Южмаша

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The debts on wages has allocated 200 million

Thousands of employees 10 months have not been paid. The implementation of this law will allow to avoid bankruptcy Yuzhmash.

The Verkhovna Rada at a meeting on Tuesday, July 14, supported the proposal to allocate 2.3 billion hryvnias in authorized capital of the southern machine-building plant named after A. M. Makarov (Yuzhmash) to repay the debt. The bill was supported by 324 MPs.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the 2014 production at the company fell 80%, while cash flow decreased from 4.25 to 0.12 billion.

At the moment, about 6 thousand employees 10 months have not been paid. The problem of long-term debt caused by a breakdown of the number of contracts and the closing of the program “Sea start” in the beginning of this year.

Thus the arrears of wages will allocate 200 million UAH, and the arrears of other payments will go to 2.1 billion, which after receiving will be paid to the budget as payment of debt.

It is noted that the implementation of this law will allow to avoid bankruptcy Yuzhmash, will provide conditions for increasing volumes of production and its diversification and increase of competitiveness of Ukraine in the world market of space engineering and weapons.

We will note, recently it became known that Yuzhmash signed a contract with the South Korean company Caris on manufacture of buses.Ukrainian factory for a few years to collect five thousand buses to 23 billion hryvnia.

We will remind, last year private rossiiskaiia S7 Space otkazalsa contract with Yuzhmash production 12 carrier rockets Zenit.