Parrot and kitten put up a fight


Попугай и котенок устроили драку

In the Internet appeared the next funny video like a parrot got in a fight with a kitten. A flurry of emotions of Internet users was the fact that in the end, the Pets were still friends.

The owner captured on video as a kitten and a parrot and a parakeet live together in one place. The little cat was just sitting on the computer Desk, and it suddenly began to attack the parrot to peck at his beak. The cat first tried to escape from the annoying feathered animal, but he struggled. Then the kitten decided to change tactics and protected from harmful parrot. Brawl was delayed so that the parrot and the cat managed to visit all parts of the room.

Based on the movie, the victory of a cat and a parrot decided to split in half – the funny bird and the kitten lay down together on one bed as friends. The cat has not yet begun to trust the parrot and suspiciously watched him. At the same time the little bird-rowdy already fully recovered from the fight and began to clean the feathers, paying no attention to the cat.The fight for the attention of the owner has occurred in Taiwan.

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