Part of the Ukrainians will get pensions later, the Cabinet decided


It became known that on 14 August 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passed a controversial decision, reducing the list of professions eligible for retirement in 50 years if you have 20 (for women) and 25 years (for men) experience. The sudden decision will affect part of Ukrainians, who will now have to retire later.

Часть украинцев получит пенсию позже: Кабмин принял решение

It is noted that from the list of “harmful” specialties excluded:

  • riding blast furnaces;
  • the drivers of the hoists, busy on hot work areas;
  • stackers rental, busy on hot work areas.

Previously, employees in these professions had the right to retire at 50. Under the new rules they will have to work longer.

It also became known that in Ukraine for calculation of pension using a special formula but to count them there is no universal calculator. In particular, for 20 categories of pensioners have additional legislation for the calculation of their payments.

In such categories include: settlers, miners, invalids, combatants, entrepreneurs, doctors and police.

Therefore, when calculating the retirement pensions to Ukrainians need to be especially careful. Note that the payment will depend on the type of pension.
In Ukraine there are the following types of pensions: disability pension for years of service, after attaining the statutory age (retirement age) and survivor benefits.

It is noted that the type of pension is very important. After all, the pension reform provides for the support of the state of children with disabilities, disabled children and pensioners, who are unable to earn length. Until 2017 their payment amounted to 949 UAH.

Those citizens who receive the minimum pension, it is worth considering that Ukraine has changed the calculation of this pension. The minimum pension cannot be below the subsistence level.

From 2019 the indexation of pensions is carried out automatically.

In connection with numerous appeals of citizens to the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFCs) its management has decided to clarify the procedure for obtaining the pension certificate. It provides for the issuance of territorial bodies of the Pension Fund (PFCs) all pensioners of Ukraine, a pension certificate. Without this document is impossible pensions. This document is made free of charge and is issued to the pensioner. In extreme cases, this can be a person who acts on behalf of the pensioner and has a notarized power of attorney.

In addition, if the pension certificate is lost or unserviceable, the pensioner must apply to the territorial bodies of the pension Fund, after which he will be given a copy of this document.

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