Part recovered from COVID-19 newly infected with coronavirus that is known

According to a recent study conducted in China, part (about 10%) patients previously recovered from coronavirus infection, again there were positive test results after discharge from the hospital, says Fox News.

Часть выздоровевших от COVID-19 вновь заражается коронавирусом: что известно

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Doctors, providing first aid during the outbreak in Wuhan, China, where the virus is reported that from 3 to 10 percent of the treated patients contracted the coronavirus again, although it is unclear whether they are contagious to other people.

Tongji hospital, in which were found the first case of the disease COVID-19, confirmed that the organisms in 5 of the 145 patients, just over 3% — again, the virus was found after tests on the nucleic acid.

“At the moment there is no evidence to suggest that they are contagious,” said Wang Wei, President of the hospital.

According to him, in 5 patients with positive results of repeated tests, there were no symptoms, and none of their close contacts were not infected.

Wang added that the monitoring of patients showed that 80-90% were not found traces of the virus in the body through the month after discharge from the hospital, but the remaining 10% may be at risk for re-infection.

But, according to him, this is just a “small group” and “results of her research enough to be confident in the reliability of the results” and their applicability to all patients.

“We need large-scale epidemiological study to guide our work for the surveillance and prevention of the disease,” said Wang.

Meanwhile, in the other quarantine institutions in Wuhan, about 5-10% of their recovered patients also received a positive test result for coronavirus few weeks after discharge from the hospital. This was reported in the Chinese news publication Health Times associated with the state newspaper People’s Daily.

Research is conducted in the framework of checking the validity of the concept of taking plasma from healthy person, process, and administration of antibodies to patients with COVID-19 to stimulate their immune system. This method of treatment was approved in the United States.


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