“Partout”: new song and new clip for Roxane Bruneau

«Partout”: new song and new clip for Roxane Bruneau


Author-composer-performer Roxane Bruneau is releasing today the song Partout as well as its moving music video. The latter brings together 250 people who have lent themselves to the game of figuring and singing the words of this piece written to celebrate “ordinary people”.  

“The anthem of the world for whom to answer “it's fine” has become a reflex in a life that is going too fast to take a break”, this is what Roxane Bruneau delivers to her audience today with the piece Partout

The singer, who has sold more than 100,000 copies of her two albums to date, does not hesitate to designate Everywhere as one of the most important songs written since the beginning of his career. 

“I offer you this song that I wrote in certain contexts where the day before I 'was going to smile on TV because I have no reason to tear it off,' she wrote as an introduction to the music video. 

“I'm giving you this song so you can scream it in your tank when you too 't's not game to say “boaf it's about time… No it's not okay. “Because you have the feeling that you too have no reason to tear it off. »

Directed by Mathieu Brisset, the play Partout celebrates ordinary people who are often everyday heroes. This is why the music video (co-directed with Izabelle Hamon) gives the floor to nurses, parents of sick children, elementary and secondary school students, housekeeping workers, bus drivers, teachers… < /p>

“People who get up every day to go to work, men and women who are not pitied at all, but who still struggle. Who are everywhere and nowhere at the same time”, explains the artist who is currently working on his third album which should be released in the spring of 2023.