Pascal Bérubé launches his campaign

Pascal Bérubé launches his campaign


Unshaken by François Legault's remarks about him, Pascal Bérubé was in Mont-Joli on Friday to officially launch his election campaign. 

The PQ candidate believes that to be a good deputy, you have to know how to bring files to the National Assembly.

He also states that nearly 100% of the files that were on the table in his constituency have come to fruition. The only major project that is missing is the aquatic complex in Matane.

Giving Pascal Bérubé a “wrinkle”

The outgoing MP was questioned about the remarks that François Legault made to the candidate of the CAQ of Matane-Matapédia Tuesday in Rivière-du-Loup.

The leader of the Coalition avenir Québec had said to Jean-Sébastien Barriault “We going to give my friend Pascal a wrinkle.”

According to Pascal Bérubé, this point galvanized the PQ troops.

“I was surprised at the tone, you can say that, I imagine it was to encourage his candidate, but it's not not in line with the exchanges I have had with him for 20 years, “said Pascal Bérubé.

He claims not to have had contact with François Legault since this declaration.

There was also talk of the possibility that he was the last representative of the sovereignist political organization. Pascal Bérubé wants to keep the focus on the current election campaign and he says people might be surprised on October 3.

“I think there will be substantial progress by the Parti Québécois,” declared the outgoing MP for Matane-Matapédia.

Demography as an issue for the next few years

Pascal Bérubé believes that the main issue for the next few years is to increase the demographics in his constituency. According to him, increasing the number of residents in the regions will make it possible to increase the service offer.

“This is the big theme for the future,” he said.

“You have to get nurses, you have to get specialized personnel in the industrial world, it takes veterinarians, it takes optometrists, it takes specialized workers,” added the politician.

< p>Pascal Bérubé believes that the regions have a lot to offer.

“We live in a fantastic environment, close to nature, there is less pollution, no traffic jams.”