Passed 90 km: the lost dog came to another state in the old house of their masters

The dog, which in July disappeared in Kansas, found 90 kilometers from the place where live the owners. She went to their old house. About it writes BBC.

Прошла 90 км: пропавшая собака пришла в другой штат в старый дом своих хозяев

Photo: Shutterstock

4-year-old Labrador named Cleo disappeared in the town of Oley (KS) 12 Jul.

After a few days, Cleo noticed in Lawson (Missouri) — on the porch of the house where once lived the owners.

Colton Michael, the new owner of this house says that together with his wife moved into it about two years ago.

According to him, Cleo, at first, very worried that it did not leave anybody from acquaintances.

“She found her way home, and there live some strangers. Anyone would be scared,” he said.

When Michael was able to make contact with Cleo, he checked if she has a microchip — some owners have implanted them in animals, in which case they can be found. Such chips can contain information about the animals and their owners.

Thanks to chip Michael learned the name of the dog owner and his wife remembered that it’s the same name of the former owner of their house.

According to the man, when the owners learned that their pet was found, they were “speechless”.

Cleo defeated 57 miles (91 km) — this is the distance from her new house to the old.

“If suddenly it will appear here again, we know who to call,” jokes Michael.