Passenger aircraft emergency return to the airport because of a joke about the coronavirus

Monday, February 3, the airline company WestJet departing from Toronto to Jamaica, and urgently returned to the airport. The reason for this was one of the passengers, which stated that infected by coronavirus, writes USA Today.

Пассажирский самолет экстренно вернулся в аэропорт из-за шутки о коронавирусе

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The plane was carrying about 240 people.

Canadian police charged a 28-year-old James Flood disorderly conduct.

“I had a camera with me, said Stream of reporters. I wanted to make a viral video. I wanted to post it on all social media platforms”.

As stated by the local police, James Flood, an Ontario resident got up during the flight, and said that he visited China and was infected by a virus. But after an hour the medical staff at Pearson found that he had no symptoms of infection.

Representatives of the airline called WestJet Stream unruly passenger demanded that the returning flight was met by law enforcement officers and emergency medical services.

“We were very careful and followed all the protocols for infectious diseases on Board, including the fact that the person who made the allegation against the coronavirus,” — said in a statement, WestJet.

The airline added flights to deliver passengers to Jamaica after the incident and to return the aircraft on Tuesday, February 4, in Toronto.

Later the Stream was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and violation of bail. It needs to appear before the court on March 9.

“I thought that it would cause a certain reaction, but did not think that the aircraft, said Stream of reporters. — I was expecting the response in social networks, something like “What a fearless guy” or “that guy’s crazy”.

The thread also said that now he believes that his action “was in bad taste”. As of February 7, officials from the world health organization 31 481 confirmed cases of infection and 638 deaths caused by the virus.

Government officials and public health authorities are desperately trying to slow the spread of respiratory virus with the help of reliable screening, quarantine and travel bans. Doctors and scientists specializing in infectious diseases, studying previous outbreaks to determine how you will distribute your new coronavirus.

Experts suspect that cases are much more than reported publicly.



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