Passengers of a cruise ship set a record, forcing the captain to change the course direction of the ship

Пассажиры круизного лайнера установили рекорд, заставив капитана изменить курс направления судна

Interesting Spanish cruise from Malaga to Palma de Mallorca. Passengers ship quite so wanton — asked the ship’s captain to change the itinerary during the cruise. This was an unplanned set a record.
The record suddenly “fell” on the port of Tarragona. That’s where I wanted to get the cruise participants.

Of course, that no one in town did not expect, after all, a cruise liner at the time of launch is not planned to visit Tarragona. Moreover, the port was two weeks closed for entry — officially, since the second of November, because the tourist season. So the idea to change the route was risky and extreme in all respects.

Passengers — imagine — held a meeting and voted. The Board was in General not so much, maybe that’s why they were able to organize this unprecedented event.

Over Tarragona was given to 351 votes against 151 for legitimate Barcelona. Given the majority opinion, the captain decided to change route.

Interesting experience, had to endure not only him, but the lawyers of the cruise company and its management.

Local press reported that the ship will stay in port until Monday, “if the spontaneously formed society won’t change your mind”. Further route as it was reported, at that time was not clear. Perhaps, Alicante and possibly Cartagena. And then — whether La Coruna, or Vigo, where the liner was originally supposed to be November 23. Passengers on this “think more” and vote…

If such cases are repeated, it would not have had to enter on Board a special cruise to the police. You never know where he wants to hijack a ship tourists for its overwhelming majority.

By the way, not so long ago, tourists staged a protest at the “boring” cruise ship — locked up in the cabins.

Well, a couple of lines about involuntary record.

Specifically for this cruise again opened the port. All this was done already on the move, because the captain had to inform the management of the harbour is also on the move. In General, the city aboard the Black Watch krusnica all descended 502 of the passenger.

Thanks to the liner arrived in Tarragona record was recorded in the number of arrivals over the year tourists. This year, this figure amounted to almost 128 thousand passengers (up to the even digit is not enough for three people).

At the moment information on the progress of the cruise on the website of the owner of the company Fred Olsen — and its pages in social networks there, as, indeed, mention of the incident.

If we know the future route of the Black Watch, be sure to write about it. One thing is clear — cruise to be completed on 28 November in Liverpool.