Passengers of the cruise liner ignored the flood and continued to drink

Пассажиры круизного лайнера проигнорировали потоп и продолжили выпивать

Passengers of the cruise liner continued to have fun despite the deluge, which happened because of the storm. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred on Board P&O Ventura, which took place between Cherbourg-Octeville with, France, and Southampton, England. In the result of pitching out of the pool located near the restaurant, gushed water and flooded the deck.

On that footage, the author of which is marine engineer Calum Lawson, is seen as a trend picks up furniture and carries her across the deck, while adults and children try to bounce from the water. However, other passengers continue to sit quietly behind their desks and to drink, lift the legs. Lawson dubbed the last “typical British”.

As said one of the passengers, the staff managed to drain the pool, but it was too late, because by the time the water flooded the restaurant.