Passive Smoking can result in emphysema

The conclusion that passive Smoking can lead to emphysema.

Пассивное курение чревато возникновением эмфиземы

In the body of people who are passive smokers, develop processes, which may result in emphysema. In this disease destroyed the structure of the alveoli in the lungs and begins to accumulate excessive amounts of air.

The conclusion that passive Smoking can lead to emphysema, was made by scientists from the University of Colorado in Denver (USA). They experimented on rats who were allowed to breathing tobacco smoke five days a week for a few hours.

In the result, it was found that tobacco smoke, even at the level of such passive exposure can cause an inflammatory reaction in the lungs, violate the healthy functions of the body.

“Four months of passive Smoking enough in the lung tissue began significant changes,” stated the authors.

In particular, scientists have discovered that this duration of passive Smoking in the lungs, it impedes the growth process of the cells of inner walls of blood vessels serving as a barrier between the internal space of the blood vessels and surrounding tissues. According to experts, a similar process is observed in the lungs of people some time before they develop COPD, obstructive lung disease.