Passport crisis: Ottawa plans 'significant reduction' in delays by end of summer

Passport crisis: Ottawa plans «drastic reduction» delays by the end of the summer


Ottawa expects a “significant reduction” in wait times in passport issuance by the end of the summer due to the increase in task staff and the optimization of process.

Minister responsible for the file, Karina Gould, said in a statement that she “remains concerned about resolving this unacceptable situation as soon as possible”.

< p>Ms. Gould said that 150 additional employees are in training and should soon be added to the ranks of officials responsible for issuing passports.

In addition, employees from various federal departments and agencies were called in to help out.

Lines outside Service Canada offices in the greater Montreal area are not what they were in the second half of June , but significant delays still remain.

The number of appointments for obtaining However, the precious document has increased, added the Minister.

The cancellation of thousands of flights scheduled for this summer by Air Canada and WestJet has helped to reduce the pressure on the system.

More than 808,000 applications were received by Service Canada between April 1 and June 30, “which is 166,000 more applications than during the same period in 2019, which is the year before the pandemic”,

Furthermore, the government expects the total number of applications for the current fiscal year to be 4.3 million, as opposed to the 2.4 million originally forecast.