Pathology of lying, or the habit of lying changes the brain

Propensity to dissemble, not only jeopardizes the relationship with family and friends, but also greatly harms the one who’s lying. What happens to the brain from chronic liars, and what diseases is fraught with deliberate deception?

Патология лжи, или Как привычка врать меняет мозг

As shown by research scientists at University College London, the person who is lying will trigger “the detector of errors”, which leads to increased activity amygdala (or amygdala) – region in the temporal lobe of the brain responsible for generating fear. Therefore, compulsive liars are much more prone to stress, anxiety, increased blood pressure and palpitations than honest people. Meanwhile, the scientists found that the same physiological responses arise from “observers of lies” that the fraud did not participate.

The tendency to lie cause violations in other parts of the brain. So, in the prefrontal cortex in pathological liars 14.2% less gray matter and 22% increased volume of white matter.

High frequency of lies for a long time can even increase the risk of serious diseases. In studies of lie associated with increased risk of cancer, obesity, depression and addictions.

But conscious integrity significantly enhances physical and mental health. The researchers noticed that subjects who had not used a false excuse, even for nothing, and didn’t priukrasil own achievements, feel much better, it was easier to build relationships with loved ones and make new contacts.

According to experts, to get rid of a load of lies and feel better will help simple methods: the sincerity in a friendly conversation, on reception at the psychotherapist, confession, or expressive writing.