Patrice Bélanger switches to Noovo to host “Survivor Quebec”

Patrice Bélanger moves to Noovo to animate «Survivor Quebec»


Patrice Bélanger, who has been hosting “Sucré Salé” for eight summers on TVA, is moving to Noovo where he will pilot the reality show “Survivor Québec”. 

Broadcast next spring from a desert island in the Philippines, “Survivor Quebec” will be produced by Productions J, in collaboration with Bell Media. 

As part of this reality show, participants will have to survive in an environment where they will be isolated from the world and deprived of modern comforts. In addition to fighting hunger and making sure they have shelter, they will have to compete against each other in various trials. In the end, the winner will receive a sum of $100,000. 

In a press release, Noovo said Wednesday that Patrice Bélanger was the candidate of choice to take the helm of this adaptation, because of “his intelligence of the game, his rigor and his unparalleled knowledge of the “Survivor” format”, developed by Banijay. In the United States, fans have devoured 42 seasons so far. 

“It is an exceptional opportunity that presents itself to me with the start of this new adventure in the animation of “Survivor Quebec,” said Patrice Bélanger. “Survivor” has been part of our lives for a long time. It is an unmissable event for my family and myself, who have systematically riveted us in front of our screens for years. It is therefore literally a dream come true to be able to animate the Quebec adaptation of this great international success.” 

In the series “Hotel”

Patrice Bélanger is not leaving TVA completely. We will see him as an actor in the new series “Hotel” starting Thursday, September 22, at 8 p.m. He hosted “Sucré Salé” for eight summers. The cultural magazine has just concluded its 21st chapter.