“Pauline and the mystery of the film Studio” with Jean Reno, the Jamala and Virastyuk and other premiere of the week: what…

«Полина и тайна киностудии» с Жаном Рено, Джамалой и Вирастюком и другие премьеры недели: что...

In Ukrainian rolling out six new films, including fantasy for family viewing, captured, together, the domestic, French and Belgian filmmakers — “Pauline and the mystery of the Studio”. Fans of Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman will be able to see the actors in the blockbuster “the Fall of the angel”. Another picture for family viewing — the American animated film “the UglyDolls. Dolls with character”, which sounds dozens of hits performed by famous musicians. Fans of documentaries might be interested in the tape is “Weinstein”.

“Pauline and the mystery of the Studio”

(6+, Ukraine — France — Belgium, Kinorob and Wild Tribe Films, fantasy, budget — $ 2.2 million)

The film shot by French Director and actor Olias Barco (“please Kill me”). Principal photography took place in 2015, in Kiev at the Studio Film.ua. In attendance were the stars of French cinema, Jean Reno, Virginie Ledoyen, Edouard Baer. The role of 11-year-old Pauline was played by Pauline Pechenenko. The film also starred Jamal and Vasyl Virastyuk.

The way the movie rentals were postponed twice. Initially it was planned that the audience will see the “Pauline” in may of 2017. Then the Prime Minister was moved to June 2019. Finally, it became known that it will be released on August 22. The film was shot in French. For domestic rentals was made by the Ukrainian dubbing.

The main heroine — Pauline — doesn’t know who her parents are and what happened to them. Aunt and cousin, with whom she lives, decided to get rid of girls to steal the inheritance. Polina is forced to flee. She has until midnight to be saved and learn the truth about his family.

“UglyDolls. Dolls with character”

(6+, USA, Canada, China, STX Entertainment, entertainment film for family viewing, budget — 53 million dollars)

Cartoon was made based on the story of famous Director and screenwriter Robert Rodriguez. He was one of the producers. Directed by American Kelly Asbury, who previously worked at the famous Studio DreamWorks. He made the famous animated film “Spirit: stallion of the Cimarron” and “Shrek 2”. Later Asbury made two more popular project, “gnomeo and Juliet” and “the Smurfs: the Lost village”.

The main characters are “Puppets with personality” — plush toy popular in the West, the company UglyDolls. She has sponsored this fun musical Comedy. In the original English version voiced the role of popular artists Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, Bebe Rex, pit Bull and others. In the American film appeared in may and collected 27.5 million dollars. Now the makers of the cartoon hope the shows in Europe and China.

“Falling angel”

(16+, USA, Lionsgate, action, the budget — $ 80 million)

Fans of Gerard Butler are rejoicing! The popular actor once again played a favorite of millions of viewers in different countries agent of the US Secret service Mike Banning. For the first time this character appeared in the film “Olympus has fallen”, which was released in March 2013. It was a Thriller about how brave agent Banning, despite everything, saved the President of the United States from international terrorists. At a cost of $ 70 million, the film has collected in world hire 170,3 million dollars. The role of President was performed by the famous actor Aaron Eckhart. Vice-President of the United States played the owner of the award “Oscar” Morgan Freeman.

In 2016 appeared the film “the Fall of London.” The action was moved from Washington to the UK capital. Main cast remained unchanged. The film’s budget was 60 million dollars, and the fees were even higher than in the first part — EUR 205.8 million dollars.

The third part took the American Director RIC Roman Waugh, known for the movie “Snitch” with Dwayne Johnson. Starring Butler and Freeman. They were joined by popular actors Nick Nolte (“Parker”), Piper Perabo (“looper”), jada Pinkett Smith (“Very bad mommy”). The film is a direct sequel to “Fall of London”. Banning of the accused in the assassination of the President. He has to prove his innocence and find the real conspirators.

“Hide and seek”

(16+, USA, Walt Disney, Thriller, black Comedy)

The night of the wedding for the main character of the movie turns into a nightmare. She thought she was married to a respectable and wealthy man. The wealth he does have, but still have relatives, who meet a strange and dangerous game…

The movie was shot by the directing Duo Matthew Bettinelli and Tyler Gillette. They already worked together on the horror film “the coming of the Devil.” The main role in the film was played by Samara weaving (mini-series, “picnic at Hanging rock”), Adam Brody (“Shazam!”), Andie MacDowell (“Groundhog Day”, “Four weddings and a funeral”).

“Little red dress”

(16+, UK, A24, horror, mystery, Comedy)

On this film a lot is said and written in the West. Took a picture of British Director and screenwriter Peter Strickland. It belongs to the so-called independent filmmakers, who almost did not cooperate with the major studios. In the center of the film — that red dress before the holiday sale with big discounts in the store. It try on different women, and each of them, after that there is a strange story.

The film starred Gwendoline Christie (TV’s “Game of thrones”), Caroline Katz (the series “Martin”), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (TV’s “the homecoming”).


(16+, UK, Lightbox, documentary)

The original movie is called “Untouchable”. This is the story of the controversial Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whom dozens of women accused of sexual harassment and rape.

Took a picture of Ursula MacFarlane. In fact, it’s a few interviews with those who dared to publicly speak out against the powerful Weinstein: actress Rosanna Arquette, Paz de La Huerta, Eric Rosenbaum.

As previously reported “FACTS, last week the Ukrainian rolling out three new films, including the acclaimed picture Quentin Tarantino’s “One day in Hollywood…”.

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