Pavelko explained the decision algorithm in the case that the player will identify the coronavirus

Павелко объяснил алгоритм принятия решения в случае, если у футболиста выявят коронавирус

Andriy Pavelko

A little more than two days before the restart of the Ukrainian Premier League.

In anticipation of this long awaited domestic fan event, President of the Ukrainian Association football (UAF), Andrey Pavelko explained the mechanism of decision-making about the continuation of the championship if a player or coach is sick with coronavirus.

“In case of detection of the disease is not stopped the tour and all teams will not go to quarantine. We studied this issue with UEFA. We took into account the experience of other countries, where the government demanded the departure of quarantined the whole championship. These same countries later changed their decision, so only the infected player will be quarantined.

Decisions on other players will be accepted depending on how the cases were involved,” said Pavelko