Pay the entrance fee and eat all you want: cafe American, surprised the immigrant

“In the United States are very common and in great demand for such institutions, where the entry fee, and you can eat as much as you want. Roughly speaking, the buffet in the hotels “all inclusive”. But, of course, impossible to take food,” writes the author of the “Blog about US” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Плати за вход и ешь сколько хочешь: американские кафе, удивившие иммигрантку

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Hereinafter in the first person.

The first time we went there, couldn’t stop, and we ate so much that could not move. I love sushi and there are so many kinds. Before moving to USA I used to go to eat sushi in the restaurant is not so cheap.

These restaurants are called Buffet. We could call the “cupboards”. They have different cuisines, I like more Chinese about them and tell.

In those that are more expensive, the entrance to the school lunch will cost $13, and in the evening — $20. From cheap they have higher quality food, and there are always crab legs and tasty mussels. By the way, a great snack for beer lovers. For them we are there and usually go. Very convenient. Coming with the company and as much as anything to sit there.

And, of course, my favorite sushi. They are really very tasty and impossible to stop when you eat them. There are different types, even fried.

The desserts, by the way, here is also very tasty. There are also different fruits. Be resolved another, and dessert in a place like this for me personally is very difficult, because I just can’t eat anymore.

There are buffets and cheaper, that’s where we usually go with my husband when lazy to cook. Entrance day is $8, night is $12.

There is a little bit easier, but also there is a huge choice of different dishes. The same huge number of types of sushi, all kinds of meat, fish and Chinese soups. Sweets here is less, and they’re not so good.

I’m in one of these establishments like to eat crayfish. They cook them in some sauce so they taste simply amazing and very juicy.

Still I like the fact that it is possible to take a plate of raw vegetables, meat or shrimp right in front of you in 5 minutes everything will fry.

If you are in USA, you must go to one of these buffets, you will never regret.

By the way, you know, that surprises me. We are here with our Russian friends go there and always try and have something unusual that can’t eat every day. But some Americans had to pay the same money for the entrance, as we do, but take yourself just fries such as chicken in batter. Or the Chinese, for example, they usually take a whole plate of rice with some meat.



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