Peace and purity: why sitting in the aircraft blue

Boarding can be quite a stressful event. Since you are very busy, you may not notice things like the color scheme of the cabin. This writes the Reader’s Digest.

Спокойствие и чистота: почему сиденья в самолете синего цвета

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Next time, sitting in the plane, you will probably notice that all the seats blue. Of course, there are exceptions to this — for example, red Virgin Atlantic seat and a green seat on Aer Lingus, but in General the seats on the plane usually blue. So why is it so?

Blue easy to keep clean

Between flights typically don’t have much time to clean the aircraft, so in the interests of the company to choose colors and fabrics that can withstand heavy traffic. According to Rishi Kapoor, the founder and CEO of Nanak Flight, a seat aircraft blue as stains on them less visible and clean them easier.

Blue — a calming color

Even if passengers do not experience obvious fear of flying, the whole process can cause anxiety even the most seasoned travelers. To counteract this, many airlines choose blue seat, because this color is soothing.

“Despite the fact that traveling by plane is statistically the safest way to travel, many passengers are still afraid to fly, says Kapoor. — This may seem a minor detail, but it helps to make the flight better.”

Boeing said about the psychological factor used in the selection of colors during the design of the aircraft, noting that the color blue is associated with calmness. In addition, Boeing chooses the models for the walls of the cabin on the basis of those forms which occur in nature, because “these designs help to create a relaxing environment, such as outdoors,” — said in a statement, the Virginia Tripp, the designer of Teague, studying the psychology of color.

It makes you feel better

In airplanes, usually two temperature mode: extremely cold (due to blasting air conditioning) or hot and stuffy. Airlines are struggling to keep cool in the plane and blue seats also play a role.

“Color can also influence the person’s perception of humidity, temperature and flavor,” explained Tripp. Not only that, the color blue makes people feel better, it also creates the impression of clean and fresh air.

Blue as part of the branding

Sarah Ratner, an expert from NerdWallet, says that in some cases the choice of blue for the seats the airline is just part of the company brand.

“Carriers typically use blue and red in their logos as a tribute to the United States, and the blue seats are a continuation of that,” she explains. John Frigo, an expert on digital marketing, says that the color blue inspires confidence is a very important aspect of branding — so many dentists, banks and financial companies use blue color in your logo or color scheme.

Color Psychology, web site which explains the meaning of different colors, confirms this, noting that the blue color helps to instill a sense of trust, reliability and confidence. In addition, a study conducted in 2011 in the journal of the Academy of marketing Sciences showed that the blue color is also associated with competence — which is incredibly important for airlines, given that we give their lives in their hands every time we fly.

So next time when you go by plane, look at the seat — most likely, they will be blue, and ideally, they will do their job, and you will feel calm.