Pearson airport will introduce artificial intelligence to detect any weapons (PHOTOS)

Аэропорт Пирсон внедрит искусственный интеллект для обнаружения любого оружия (ФОТО)

The busiest airport in Canada will soon resort to technology-driven artificial intelligence to detect weapons.

In the management of Pearson International airport Toronto said that they agreed to test the new system of American ivy League universities, with the sales and marketing which deals with British Columbia.

The company from Vancouver Liberty Defense Holdings Ltd. argues that the technology, known as Hexwave, capable of detecting both metallic and non-metallic weapons, ranging from pistols and knives, finishing with explosives.

The system first scans the image, and then the artificial intelligence analyzes the image and determines the presence of weapons in the bags or under clothing.

The company claims that the technology is not able to recognize faces, and therefore does not risk personal information, but experts put this question in doubt.

The technology will be introduced in the spring of 2020 in order to improve security.