Penelope Cruz with her husband and children resting in Madrid

Known 45-year-old actress Penelope Cruz and her 50-year-old husband Javier Bardem like to catch the eye of reporters and photographers. Therefore, to capture them together very hard, and in the company of children — do not really. However, the all-seeing paparazzi do their work. So the other day Penelope with her husband and two children were spotted in Madrid.

Пенелопа Круз вместе с мужем и детьми отдыхает в Мадриде

Star family complete decided to spend the day with her friends, they met on the street and went to good company for a walk in the Park. The photos show how the youngest daughter of the Moon, sitting on the lap of the older girl and something with appetite devours. Next on the bench sits the son of Leo and also enjoy the lunch. Paparazzi also captured Penelope around children, but Javier in the picture not included.

Пенелопа Круз вместе с мужем и детьми отдыхает в Мадриде

Penelope leads a very hidden life and never gives interviews at the expense of their children, she tries as much as possible to hide them from prying media. Although once in an interview she said that being a mom is her vocation, actress all my adult life that’s what I wanted. The birth of her two children has changed her life for the better.

“Motherhood has definitely made me much happier. Happened to me, I had no idea. This is the revolution inside: the whole world is beginning to see differently, stop thinking only about yourself. And it really changes for the better,” says celebrity.

Also Penelope was able to combine motherhood and work, she chose a special kind of activity. Star decided that it would not be wasted on small roles, in the moment it can only be removed in one large-scale film a year and it is satisfied. Its condition is full weekends that she spends with family.

Penelope and Javier started their relationship in 2007, and three years later a man made an offer. The wedding was in the Bahamas, their joint friend offered his house as the venue of the wedding and the couple agreed. After a time, came to light their first child Leo, and two years later a daughter was born to the Moon.